Tyler Hogan - REALTOR®


Competitive Edge Realty

Tyler Hogan "The Millennial Realtor" is not your everyday Millennial, and is also not your everyday Realtor. With a Master's Degree in business and an Investing background, he is truly after your best interest financially. Real Estate as an industry is evolving rapidly. Technology playing such a vital part in real estate, has changed the home BUYING and SELLING process.

Everything starts online nowadays. You pull out a smart phone and in a couple of seconds you have your answer. When your Realtor pulls out his smartphone what do you see? What's his Instagram look like? What's his Twitter look like? Does he know how to run Google and Facebook ad campaigns? What's his website look like? These are all major players of Real Estate in TODAY'S society.

"The Millennial Realtor" is updated on all social media platforms, while having experience at a technology company that specializes in Real Estate Marketing. Tyler being equipped with the tech savvy nature and business minded background allows him to help you capitalize on every situation in Real Estate. Whether it be finding you a home that is a perfect financial fit for your future, or selling your home for a price that gives you as much Return on Investment as possible, he's here to help leverage his expertise and knowledge into the industry.

When Tyler isn't living the dream of Real Estate, he's playing sports or country dancing the night away. If it's Sunday, he's at church, or spending time with 1 of his 5 brothers and sisters. Another mandatory Sunday activity is watching THE Dallas Cowboys (America's Team) play. He doesn't miss a beat when it comes to sports, that is where his childhood passion has always been.

He's an open book. Ask questions, get to know him, he's here to help more than anything!